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Doctorpedia is an innovative content and resource discovery experience for your online healthcare needs. We are building a robust, premium technology platform that brings together the best of tech, media, and healthcare. We produce and deliver bite-sized medical and wellness videos with leading doctors that are designed to be watched on any device - whenever it is convenient for you to learn about your health. We offer quality, transparency, relevance, and control for every healthcare consumer at each stage of the health and wellness journey.

Our Mission

We believe that your health is too important to be left in anyone else’s hands. To that end, we work together with doctors, patients, caregivers, and medical providers to create a seamless and pain-free online resource that is optimized for every viewing experience – whether you’re at home on your laptop, on the go with your mobile device, or browsing on a tablet. We break our high-quality medical content into short 1-2 minute videos because we believe that is the best way to organize and consume the important information. Together, we can all lead happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Joseph Alpert, MD

I like the fact that really excellent doctors are giving really excellent, rational, and scientifically based advice to patients. Working with Doctorpedia has been a 100% pleasure. Jeremy and the staff are superb!!

What We Do

At Doctorpedia, we believe that videos can be the key to revitalizing healthcare information. Educational video content allows users to fully engage with the information at their own pace. To date, Doctorpedia has amassed a library of thousands of condition-specific videos from America’s leading doctors.


Doctorpedia empowers users to take control of their health with a variety of features. We are building a network of condition-specific medical websites to showcase our library of engaging video and written content – all powered by real doctors.


Every Doctorpedia condition site is curated and approved by leading specialists. Users can trust the content and resources because they can see the credentials of the doctors who are providing it. Doctorpedia doctors are board-certified leaders in their field who are associated with well-regarded institutions and are empathetic, warm, and excellent communicators.


Doctor-vetted resources are just a click away, allowing users to seek the offline medical help they need. Doctorpedia secures strategic partnerships with third-party vendors to provide resources including telemedicine, doctor appointments, a doctor directory, a clinical trial database, and health insurance options.


Whereas most websites are cluttered with distracting ads, Doctorpedia utilizes a “cost per click” revenue model that allows the products and services to be a part of the user experience. Each resource featured on a Doctorpedia page shows reviews and doctor-approved descriptions that allow users to fully understand the products and services before clicking. This revolutionary model is intuitive, non-disruptive, and how generating website revenue should be.

Kyle Bickel, MD

I like the fact that really excellent doctors are giving really excellent, rational, and scientifically based advice to patients. Working with Doctorpedia has been a 100% pleasure. Jeremy and the staff are superb!!

The Team

We are a diverse group of professionals from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise with one common goal: To create the premier healthcare information resource for all patients. Every Doctorpedia team member has his or her own connection to our mission that powers the drive and passion to constantly improve our websites.


Since there are many different facets of our company, we have an extremely diverse collection of professionals. Among us are healthcare experts, medical professionals, tech gurus, and media savants. Creating our high-quality video content are writers, directors, and editors with decades of experience. We have content managers, copywriters, marketing geniuses, and designers. We have developers who truly understand how to make a resource that is intuitive and fulfills the needs of our users.

Why Doctorpedia?
Understand the Doctorpedia® Difference.

Resources you can use

We curate resources that can help you manage Trigeminal Neuralgia - including apps, clinical trials, and more.

Doctors you can trust

All of our content is approved by doctor experts who have years of experience treating Trigeminal Neuralgia and other related conditions.

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