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Trigeminal neuralgia type 1 is a rare disorder, but it's a very, very important disorder for both patients and doctors to recognize because without treatment it's a horrible affliction, but with treatment the pain can either be made to go away or we can in some cases cure people of this disorder. The main things about trigeminal neuralgia type 1 are these episodes of sharp or shock-like pain in either one half of the face or the other. In between the pain, there's no pain and these painful episodes can usually be triggered by touching the face or talking or swallowing. If you have any of these symptoms, the right answer really is to find a practitioner who's comfortable and confident in treating this disorder, and those practitioners are usually neurologists or neurosurgeons. The treatment for this typically is either medication at the onset and later (if the problem becomes poorly managed with medication) there are surgical options or radiation options that can treat this effectively.

Doctor Profile

Abhay Sanan, MD


  • Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery
  • Clinical Assistant Professor in both the Division of Neurosurgery and the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Arizona, University Medical Center
  • Has received numerous awards throughout his career for research

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